Emerald Cedars

Emerald Cedars

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Hello! I am an Emerald Cedar, one of the most popular choices of evergreens for hedges or mass vertical accent. My dense green foliage grows in vertical sprays and retains colour year round. I am low maintenance, only requiring pruning to trim back new growth of the current season or to remove any dieback. I thrive in full sun to partial shade, and am not particular to soil type, but prefer to grow in moist conditions with soil that does not dry out!

Emerald Cedars

Emerald Cedars

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Hardiness Zone


Mature Width


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Growth Rate

1ft per year


Full Sun






  • Evergreen Foliage: The Emerald Cedar is an evergreen tree, which means it retains its leaves year-round, providing a beautiful and lush backdrop to your landscape all year long.
  • Dense Growth Habit: The Emerald Cedar is known for its dense growth habit, which makes it a popular choice for privacy hedges and windbreaks. The branches of this tree grow closely together, forming a solid wall of greenery.
  • Low Maintenance: The Emerald Cedar is a relatively low-maintenance tree that is adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions. It is also pest and disease-resistant, which makes it a great choice for gardeners who want a tree that is easy to care for.

Care Guide

  • Watering: Water your Emerald Cedar deeply and regularly during its first year, to help establish a strong root system. Once established, Emerald Cedars are fairly drought-tolerant, but they still need regular watering during hot and dry periods.
  • Maintenance: Emerald Cedars require little maintenance beyond watering and occasional pruning. Remove any dead or damaged branches as soon as possible to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Pruning: Prune any dead or diseased branches before the winter months to prevent further damage.
  • (Optional):Fertilizer: If your Emerald Cedar seems to be growing slowly or is showing signs of nutrient deficiency, you can apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring.

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