Frequently Asked Question

Online Ordering

How Do You Ensure The Quality Of Your Plants?

At Landscape Direct we ensure that all our plants are bought to bloom. With our 7-day return policy customers can be assured that they will have time to inspect their order and contact Landscape Direct to issue a return on any plants they may be unsatisfied with.

How Do I Get Free Shipping?

No order is too small or large for Landscape Direct, we now offer Free Shipping on all orders across USA & Canada.

I Received The Wrong Plant

Please contact our team with pictures and we can arrange for the correct plant to be delivered.

I Am Not Sure What Plant Will Work Best For My Garden?

Either visit the home page to access our personalized plant quiz to find what plant best suits your garden. Feel free to also contact our team, they would be happy to answer any questions and help you find your perfect plant!

When Does More Selection Arrive?

New inventory becomes available every week starting April 1st, once products are sold-out there will not be further stock until August.

What Is Your Warranty Policy?

Healthy Plant Guarantee: 

Any plant that does not meet your satisfaction upon delivery can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of delivery.

90 day replacement warranty for all 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 3 gallon, and 5 gallon plants.

To pursue this guarantee, please send a photo to our team. 

Following the 90 day period, the replacement warranty will apply to the above plants at a rate of 50% of the purchase value within one year of your purchase date.

Please note that the replacement warranty cannot be used to receive a refund on any purchases.

Refunds must be requested within 7 days of plant delivery.



Most trees are covered under a one year warranty allowing replacement at a discounted price of 50% of the purchase value. 

If your product is out of stock or not in season, your replacement will be processed when it becomes available.

The warranty will be issued as a replacement tree and not as a refund. 

Once you receive a replacement, it is not eligible for further replacement.

Please note: Any replacements delivered under warranty are not eligible for further replacements. Annuals, hanging baskets, vegetables, japanese maples, & wire basket trees are not included. The absence of basic plant care is excluded from our warranty policy. 

Can’t Find What I’m Looking For?

Send us an email with the plants you can’t find, and our team will reach out to our horticulture network in search of your desired plants.

How Many Cedars Do I Need For My Landscaping Project?

Determine the amount of space you have available to plant your Emerald
Cedars, how much spacing you want between each tree, and the height you want your tree(s) or hedge to reach. Keep in mind that Emerald Cedar trees grow approximately 6-12 inches per year after they are planted. If you have specific questions about a landscaping project, send us an inquiry form and our team will provide you with a response and recommendation as soon as possible. 

How Many Cedars Do I Need To Create A Hedge?

The number of trees you need for your project is determined by how much space you have available for your Emerald Cedars, and how much space is needed between each tree to achieve your desired visual appearance. The measurements below represent the distance from the tree centre.

Hedge: 2 ft spacing 

Semi Private: 2.5 ft spacing 

Stand Alone Tree: 3 ft spacing

Delivery & Shipping

Can I Delay My Delivery?

Yes, please contact our team and our staff can arrange an alternative date for your delivery free of charge.

How Will My Product Be Delivered?

To ensure the upmost care and quality of our products all orders are placed in protective packaging and fulfilled by our knowledgeable staff.

Where Do You Deliver?

Landscape Direct offers delivery across the USA & Canada.

Do You Deliver To Apartment Buildings?

Yes, at this time we are able to ship most of our potted products to apartments. Exculding any trees or larger potted nursery product that we are unable to package. If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to contact our team.

How Long Will My Delivery Take?

If you've pre-ordered plants or trees, don't worry! We'll send it as soon as all the items are ready to ship. If you prefer to have items arrive seprately when they are ready to be delivered, just give our team a shout and we'll send it as soon as they become available. 📦

We only sell pre-order products when they're at their absolute best, so you can be sure your new plants will arrive in perfect condition!

Questions? Concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out! Our friendly team is always here to help! 😊💬